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    CEO Yasuhide Yamamoto CEO Yasuhide Yamamoto
    The potter's wheel was the beginning of lathe-turning technology in Japan, and with the Japanese “Spirit of Craftsmanship” has since developed into nano-scale control precision lathes that uses low-cost, highly sophisticated multi-axis control automation systems, and, making use of all this manufacturing control technology, it is not an exaggeration to say that our product aggregate is at the pinnacle of the metal manufacturing world.

    We at Yamamoto Metal Industry have persevered since the establishment of the company in striving to ensure the improvement of precision, and with timely investment in the future and optimization of QCDE, will constantly continue to deliver new innovation and pioneer new products around the clock, making home the Japanese “Spirit of Craftsmanship” not only to Japan but also to the world.
  • Technical Information

    Features of Yamamoto Metal Industry

    Q.C.D.E optimized production of precision motor parts
    ISO14001 Certified

    Production scope (quality of material and precision)

    Iron, SUS, aluminum and brass
    Maximum outer diameter of a cylindrical bar: φ42
    Maximum length: 50mm

    Our Strengths

    - We offer affordable micro-scale lathe-turning products.
    - We have metal cleaning equipment and know-how compatible with HDD parts standards.
    - We are able to facilitate an entire process: from prototype development up to production of one million units per month.
    - Our products can be exported.

  • Factory 1

    Factory 1: Bar Work (Blank and Finishing Process)

    Making full use of our Multifunctional swissturn, we produce products like hard disk drive spindle motor hubs, automotive mechanical seals, polygon scanner motor parts, etc. from a variety of materials. We also have the proper facilities and processes for the making of blank parts to parts with one-sided or double-sided finishes.
    Main Processing Diameter: Cylindrical bar φ6 - φ42
    Factory 2 and Factory 3

    Factory 2 and Factory 3: Finishing Process
    (Last Finishing Process)

    Affordable high-precision products are produced in large quantities by lines of precision lathes automated by robots and palletizers, supported by expert machinists using special cutting tools. A wide range of processing is possible not only for mass production but also for small-lot production and prototype development.
    Visual Inspection

    Visual Inspection

    Adhering to the clientユs quality specifications, a visual inspection by magnifying glass and microscope is carried out on all outgoing shipments. Quality is 100% assured.


    Lot-tracking is common practice in the industry, and all our outgoing shipments are tagged for tracking the product unit from raw material to finished product. Packaging, including for shipping by sea, is done according to client specifications, and has been praised by our clients for its reliability. Although the mass production of hubs is currently in our flagship product, we also offer various super-precision high-quality components for prototype and small-lot production, at a low cost and quick delivery.

    * Since there is more information about the detailed specifications of each product that cannot be covered here, please contact us directly for more information.
  • The Head Office and Factory Location

    136, Yodoecho Imazu, Yonago, Tottori 689-3401, JAPAN
    TEL +81-859-56-3311
    FAX +81-859-56-3314

    Representative CEO Yasuhide Yamamoto

    - 5-minutes walk from JR West Japan / San'in Main Line Yodoe Station.
    - 25-minutes by bus from JR West Japan / San'in Main Line Yonago Station.
    - 5 minutes by car from Yonago Expressway Yonago IC in the direction of Tottori City.

    Please contact us in advance. We will arrange for you to be picked up at Yonago Station or Yonago Airport. Please feel free to contact us.

    Inquiry by phone is available from 8:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday
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